Resonate Launches an iOS App

Resonate is a podcast production company that also builds simple software to make podcasting easier. Now you can download Resonate on iOS to manage your podcast production faster, easier, and from everywhere.

The iOS app brings the features of Resonate’s web app that Resonate has been building for years into the palm of your hand so you can record, create, and publish your podcast in the go.

Resonate continues to expand its services to offer clients a more seamless all-in-one experience for creating their podcast. You can now record remote interviews, get professional mixing, and host your podcast all from one app (on the web or iOS).


Record remote interviews of your podcast

Edit episode submissions (update your episode title, description, publish date, etc)

Comment on episodes and request revisions

Get push notifications when your episode has been mixed and is ready for review

Review and approve final episode masters

Publish your final episode to the world with Resonate hosting


Save time commenting on episodes in production

Get notified as soon as your podcast has been edited, mixed, and mastered

Publish episodes of your podcast no matter where you are

Get access to a podcast production team everywhere you go