AMP Public Media Teams Up with reVolver Podcasts

American Public Media announced a partnership with reVolverpodcast, a leader in on-demand audio geared toward multicultural consumer. Through this new venture, APM and reVolverpodcasts will produce Spanish language podcast programming.

APM and reVolver podcasts first collaboration will be the Spanish production of Brains On! The award-winning science podcast for kids and curious adults is produced by APM. Host Molly Bloom is joined by kid co-hosts, scientists and reporters to answer fascinating questions about the world. With over 150 episodes, the show encourages kids’ natural curiosity and wonder using science and history.

The new Brains On! en Español will be APM’s first Spanish language podcast. Through this partnership with reVolverpodcasts, APM hopes to expand its audience by making its content available to new and diverse listeners. The first season of Brains On! en Español will include 12 episodes and will feature Spanish-speaking scientists and kids, following the same concept as the original show.

“Honoring our growing multicultural audience at APM means more than translating our existing content, “ said APM’s Managing Director of Sales Strategy and Business Development, Tom De Napoli. “We’re proud of the work we’re doing with reVolverpodcasts to exclusively feature Spanish-speaking scientists, experts and kids at the forefront of Brains On en Español, because we know that to authentically connect with the youngest and fastest growing multicultural groups in the United States, representation is even more important than translation.”reVolverpodcasts produces top news and entertainment programming for Latino consumers and is in partnership with iHeartRadio, the exclusive sales representative of reVolverpodcasts network.

“Education is one of the most important issues for the Hispanic community, making sure Latino youth receive the best learning opportunities is everybody’s work [including] parents, teachers, and multicultural media such as reVolverpodcasts,” said Jack Hobbs, President of reVolverpodcasts. “We are proud to add the award-winning science podcast for kids Brains On! en Español to our digital platform and supporting our future generation.”
Brains On! en Español will be available exclusively on a major podcast platform that will be announced this fall.