Crock-Pot Podcasting – PCN Show 023

PCN iTunes artworkShawn and Jen are back with another round up of all the podcast related news that didn’t get an official write-up on the Podcaster News blog.

This week, we have news about: invisible listeners, crock-pot podcasting, and an ethical warning about the sandbox we all play in.

Links mentioned in this episode:

* The Podcasting Weekly
By James Martell at

* How to Aircheck Your Podcast
By Seth Resler at Rivet Radio

* Invisible Audience: What Your Podcast Stats Won’t Tell You
By Sil at MMO Gypsy

* Quit Peeing in the Sandbox – Buy Your Way to the Top at Soundcloud
By Dave Jackson at his blog

* Patreon members getting blackmailed: Ignore that email…
By Anne Sewell at The Media Waves

* Podcasters’ Roundtable 61: Audience Engagement