Gimlet Ended the Sampler Podcast

sampler-podcast-logoSampler was a podcast about podcasts. It was part of Gimlet Media. Gimlet has ended the Sampler podcast.

A sampler is one of two things. It describes a piece of embroidery that was created to demonstrate that someone has mastered a variety of skills in needlework. A sampler is also a box of assorted chocolates.

The Sampler podcast was a collection of the best moments from the world of podcasting. It included hand-picked “stuff that you just have to hear”, and “bite size tastes from the podcast world”. Episodes featured regular conversations with podcasters to find out why they do what they do.

Sampler was hosted by Brittany Luse. Previous to joining Gimlet, Brittany Luse created her own podcast with her best friend Eric. The podcast was called For Colored Nerds. Brittany Luse and her boss, Gimlet Founder Alex Blumberg, put together a “Sampler Goodbye” that you can listen to on Soundcloud. In it, they say goodbye to the Sampler show. In short, they are ready for the next thing.

The good news is that Brittany Luse is staying with Gimlet. Those of you who were subscribed to Sampler should stay subscribed because Brittany’s next show will use the same RSS and iTunes feeds as Sampler did.