Australia’s Newest Premium Podcast Agency Hits the Market

Publisher Solstice Media has joined forces with respected broadcaster and podcaster Nicole Haack to create a national podcasting and audio production agency. Solstice Podcasting brings together more than 25 years’ experience in broadcasting, audio production, storytelling and brand marketing.

Director Nicole Haack said the partnership will build on the success of her independent podcasting business The Message Pod, which was one of the first to establish in Australia.

“The rapid rise in clients seeking to use podcasting to boost their brand and engage their customers signaled it was time to scale up. This need has been accelerated through COVID, where people have been experimenting with remote ways to communicate with their audiences. We believe the combination of our experience in audio strategy and podcasting, together with the Solstice team’s track record in publishing and marketing will be a win for our clients.”

The new entity adds to Solstice Media’s existing suite of media mastheads including InDaily, InQueensland, CityMag, SALIFE, The Lead, Forager, Weekend Plus as well as Masthead Studio.

Managing Director of Solstice Media Paul Hamra said the market for podcasting is growing faster in Australia than anywhere else in the world.

“We’re storytellers and this is just a newer and emerging platform to tell and share stories. Consumers are seeking an ever-increasing range of choices in the media they consume, and podcasts will add another really strong option to our client offering. Podcasts really come into their own as a flexible, fast and affordable option for connecting with existing and new audiences in a deeper, more engaging way.”

Solstice Podcasting will service brands, government, member organizations, publishers and entrepreneurs, providing podcasts and content strategies for external audiences as well as internal communications.

The company’s own suite of podcasts include Living Proof – an award winning podcast for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts across the world, The Forager, which explores the people, stories and rich culture of South Australian food and wine, and The Message Pod, which shares the stories of inspirational people.

Solstice Podcasting is also working with other publishers, corporates, not-for-profits and government to produce commissioned series and one-off productions, including ‘Covid Conversation’ for The New Daily and ‘On Art’ for SAMSTAG Museum of Art.

As well as having a state-of-the-art audio production studio, Solstice Podcasting also offers a host of onsite and remote recording options.