SpareMin has Free Audio-to-Video Goods

SpareMin provides simple, free audio-to-video tools for podcasters and audio producers. You can use it to create an Audiogram. SpareMin enhanced NY Public Radio’ Project and hosted it.

SpareMin will let you use their tool for free on their website. You can create up to a 5 minute video from a sound file (audiogram), download it, and add it to your Youtube channel, blog, or wherever you like. Choose an mp3 file that is up to 20MB max.

Choose the video resolution and the wave type. You can pick the wave color, its opacity, and whether you want the wave to appear in top, middle, or bottom of the screen. It is possible to select a custom image or to set a background color. When it is all done, you can share it on social media.

SpareMin also has something new called Headliner.

Audio to video made easy! We transcribe your audio and process it through our engine to automatically suggest images and text to create your video. You adjust the images as you see fit, adjust the text, import an intro/outro video, and hit export.

Headliner is currently in beta. Those who are interested can sign up now to be a beta tester.