SpeechBoard Makes it Easy to Edit Your Podcast

SpeechBoard was created by Craig Cannon and Ramon Recuero. SpeechBoard transcribes your podcasts and allows you to cut anything from the audio by deleting the text from the transcript.

SpeechBoard has a sample podcast on its website that you can mess around with. It is also possible to upload your own audio, and try SpeechBoard with that, instead.

The sample has a piece of original audio that you can listen to. Below it is a transcript of what the audio says. You can edit the audio simply by deleting portions of the transcript. You can only delete entire words or entire sentences.

After a podcaster has used SpeechBoard to edit their audio, they can download three different files. One is the podcaster’s edited audio, and another is the podcaster’s original audio. The third file is a text file that you can use to import your cuts into Audacity.

SpeechBoard might be useful for busy podcasters who don’t have time to edit their shows. It can also be great for podcasters who are uncomfortable with directly editing audio files themselves through, or who lack the skills to do so.

At the time I am writing this blog, SpeechBoard has not yet launched. Those who are interested in SpeechBoard can enter their email into the box at the bottom of the SpringBoard website. They will “ping” you once they launch.