Spext is an Audio Editor

Spext is an audio editor that looks like a piece of writing software. Podcasters can edit their audio by editing the auto generated transcript. It is possible to add music and merge recordings together.

Personally, I’ve been editing audio (mostly in the form of podcast episodes) since 2007. I’ve learned how to use three different kinds of audio editing software, and have decided that Reaper is my favorite. For me, audio editing is fun – especially at times when a background noise needs to be removed, or a host request that I edit something out.

That said, I am aware that there are plenty of podcasters who do not enjoy audio editing. Some shows do not have any hosts that are capable of editing audio. Or, maybe no one involved with a specific podcast has the time to do the necessary editing. That’s where Spext comes in. I enjoy the challenge.

Spext puts a transcript of your episode into what visually resembles software that people would use to write something. You can edit the transcript by adding or removing pieces – and your audio will be edited at the same time. There is also a way to view your audio in blocks, where you can adjust fades, volume levels, and overlaps without having to view it as a waveforms.

There are two options of introductory pricing available. One is for transcribers, and one for producers.

For Transcribers:

  •  $15
  • Includes 2 hours
  • Additional hours – $6/hr
  • Export to .srt, .docx. & .txt
  • Share audio as a video

For Producers:

  • $19
  • Includes 2 hours
  • Additional hours – $6/hr
  • Edit text to edit media
  • Add music & merge recordings
  • Noise cancellation & Audio Levelling
  • Export to Audition, Premier Pro, etc.