Podbbang! – PCN 039

PCN iTunes artworkIn this episode, Shawn and Jen talk about a Korean podcasting platform that is more popular in Korea than iTunes is.  We debate the value of transcription of podcast episodes, and ponder if Shortcut (and services like it) can really make audio more sharable.

Ironically, we also get into a discussion about the importance of consistency in podcasting (despite the fact that we haven’t been super consistent.)

Links mentioned in this episode:

* Podcasts become a viral hit with Koreans
By Song Kyoung-Son for Korea Joongang Daily

* This American Life listeners are sharing audio in unexpected ways
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* Podcast Blogging
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* ‘Stop Podcasting Yourself’ and the Reliable Consistency of Podcasts
By Noah Jacobs on Splitsider

* 21 Podcasts to Help You Outsmart Your Competition in 2017
By Jeremy Goldman for Inc.

Thank you to: Dave Nelson of Galactic Network and Grizzly Smith of Grizzly’s Growls Podcast for their comments.

The Passion of the Pods – PCN 038

PCN iTunes artworkIn this podcast, Shawn and Jen talk about the passion involved in podcasting. People often start podcasts about something they are passionate about. That same passion can come out in weird ways in response to either praise or a critique of their show.

Links mentioned in this episode:

* Podcasting: ‘It builds trust, credibility and brand loyalty’
By Emma Sheppard for The Guardian

* Why it’s time to start writing about podcasts as culture
By Caroline Crampton for New Statesman

* Please, Please, For The Love of God: Do Not Start a Podcast
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From On Podcast Engineers

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