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Supercast Opens Direct Access to Spotify for Subscription Podcasters

Subscription podcasters now have a centralized way to reach listeners on every major podcast player with the addition of Spotify to Supercast’s integration roster.

Supercast has built its new integration using Spotify Open Access, which enables publishers to offer gated content on Spotify using the publisher’s existing subscription network.

Supercast is the first subscription platform to offer the Spotufy Open Access integration to all its users.

More than 28 million Americans use Spotify as their primary podcast player. Now, with an easy way to access those listeners, subscription podcasters on Supercast can access a larger audience while managing their subscriber base all in one place.

“We’ve heard time and again from our Spotify listeners about wanting to access our paid Get Sleepy feed in their Spotify account,” said Michael Brandon, creator of the Get Sleepy podcast. “The integration of Spotify into Supercast means we can now serve our audience better – and that makes both them and us very happy.”

With the new Supercast – Spotify subscription integration, podcasters can enjoy multiple benefits:

  • A single place to upload paid content that delivers across all podcast players
  • A great experience for their Spotify audience, who can now link their podcast subscription to their Spotify account to listen
  • Easier to covert Spotify listeners to a paid subscription with a fast and easy signup process
  • No additional cost to include Spotify as an opting for subscribers

“It’s so important to serve listeners on whatever podcast player they already use. That’s why Supercast has always been an ardent supporter of the open podcast ecosystem and making things work together,” said Supercast CEO Jason Sew Hoy. “Now, thanks to Supercast’s integration with Spotify, our podcasters can serve 100% of their audience with a seamless subscription experience.”

“We believe creators, from independent podcasters to publishers and platforms, should have control over how they approach their business and have access to audiences everywhere they listen to audio,” said Nir Zicherman, Head of Future Formats for Spotify. “Bringing Spotify Open Access to all Supercast users marks a breakthrough in subscription audio content, and we’re very excited to see creators succeed.”

Amid a boom in subscription podcasting, Supercast has been growing rapidly. The company’s top 10 podcasters now earn more than USD$10 million in annual recurring revenue from the paid subscribers they have on the platform.

Spotify Launched Sound Up LatinX

Spotify announced Sound Up LatinX. It calls for LatinX podcasters in the United States to sign up to tell their stories.

Earlier this year, we shared we’d be launching Sound Up LatinX to directly address the disparities present in the podcasting community. Today, we invite aspiring U.S. LatinX podcasters to apply for the program.

Fernando Spuri, Manager of Sound Up, had a lot of say about it. One of the key points was: “We’re looking for creators with powerful ideas that want to tell whatever stories on whatever subjects that resonate with them best. Of course, those subjects are an intrinsic part of almost all LatinX, but how and with what intensity they want to address them is up to them.”

All LatinX U.S. residents age 20 or older – regardless of immigration status – are invited to apply to Sound Up U.S. LatinX now. Sign-ups close October 1, 2021. Please apply as an individual, rather than as a show or a group. Spotify can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

Sound Up LatinX is divided into two parts. First up is a virtual training program in 2021, which will take place over the course of eight weeks. The 10 participants who are short-listed by Spotify will attend workshops for a comprehensive introduction to the art of making a podcast. Ultimately, participants will create and submit a podcast trailer and pitch proposal for the opportunity to be selected as a finalist to attend part two: in-person Sound Up sessions in 2022.

Maria Murriel and Isis Madrid, co-founders of Pizza Shark will be facilitating Sound Up U.S. LatinX. Maria has been a Sound Up facilitator for the U.S. program already in 2020 and 2021, after participating as a speaker in 2019. Maria and Isis have both delivered Spotify’s global training in how to deliver the curriculum to new Sound Up facilitators in new markets globally.

Spotify Launches Greenroom to Compete with Clubhouse

Spotify announced that they have made Greenroom available for the first time in its new form. In March of 2021, Spotify acquired Betty Labs, the creators of Locker Room. Spotify’s plan was to evolve and expand Locker Room from a Clubhouse-like app for people to talk about sports to what has now become Greenroom.

Today, we’re making Spotify Greenroom available for the first time in its new form, available on iOS and Android in over 135 markets around the world. We’re building Greenroom with the creators and artists in mind who make Spotify great, optimizing for interactivity and deep connections between participants in live rooms. The app, rolling out today, includes:

  • New app branding (aka Greenroom) and a new overall look and feel
  • The ability for any user to host or participate in live rooms
  • A way to join Greenroom using your using your Spotify log-in info
  • A new onboarding experience that puts users’ interests front and center
  • Recording capabilities so you can compliment your on-demand content with live conversations
  • Chat controls to ensure the best possible experience

TechCrunch reported that Spotify could use Greenroom to send out notifications to users if a podcast the user already followed on Spotify went live in a Spotify Greenroom.

According to TechCrunch, Greenroom has has features including Speakers at the top of the screen in rounded profiles, with listeners appearing below as smaller icons. There are mute options and moderation controls. It is also possible to bring listeners on stage during the live audio session. Rooms can host up to 1,000 people.

It is easy to see how podcasters on Spotify could use Greenroom as a way to do a live podcast. Greenroom includes recording capabilities, which podcasters could add to their on-demand podcast.

Warner Music Group and Spotify Strike Innovative Podcast Development Deal

Warner Music Group (WMG) and Spotify announced they have entered into a new partnership which will see the two companies develop a series of original podcasts built around WMG’s vast and diverse artists’ and songwriters’ catalogs featuring some of the biggest names in music. Fans will get to experience the stories behind some of the biggest hit songs and get an inside look at the work of their favorite artists and songwriters.

“The most impactful podcasts share with music the key component of storytelling and personal experience. In partnership with Warner Music Group, we look to develop stories leveraging their unique artists and catalog,” said Courtney Holt, VP Global Studios & Business, Spotify. “We look forward to helping them leverage the power of podcasting to forge a deeper connection with fans.”

“We’re excited to take this step forward with Spotify as we strengthen and deepen our existing partnership. Podcasts provide an opportunity to unlock value for artists and songwriters by delivering fresh and unique stories to music to fans across the globe,” said Oana Ruxandra, EVP, Business Development and Chief Digital Officer, Warner Music Group. “We look forward to working with Spotify to experiment and drive growth in podcasting.”

The news follows Warner Music Group’s recent launch of the BLK In America podcast by Topsify, which sees influential Black artists – like Rico Nasty, Chaka Khan, and Keedron Bryant – discussing what it means to be Black in America. Today, WMG produces various podcasts from across its network including Duran Duran’s WHOOOSH! curated and hosted by Simon Le Bon; the Prince official podcast in collaboration with his estate; Robert Plant’s Digging Deep; the Good Ol Grateful Deadcast hosted by musician Rich Mahan and Relix contributing editor Jesse Jarnow; The Rhino Podcasts, telling stories of legends like Aretha Franklin, Todd Rundgren, and John Densmore of The Doors; Warner Chappell Music’s Final Sessions, a series chronicling the long and fascinating narrative behind the release of Losst and Founnd – the album of final recordings from the late singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson; Grandson’s XXWhy show interviewing other artists and activists; as well as cultural hit show Uproxx’s People’s Party hosted by Talib Kweli.

Spotify is now home to more than two million podcasts including The Michelle Obama Podcast, The Journal, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Bakari Sellers Podcast, Stolen: The Search for Jermain, and the recently launched Renegades: Born in the USA.  It is also the exclusive home of a wide range of Music + Talk shows, the personalized music and podcast mix Daily Drive and innovative programming like The Get Up, which combines music curated for each individual listener with the latest in pop culture, news, entertainment and music from hosts Kat Lazo, Speedy Morman and Xavier “X” Jernigan.

Spotify Improved Podcast Charts

Spotify unveiled some big improvements to Spotify’s podcast charts experience, which will benefit podcasters in a number of ways. More chances for all creators to chart – and a new way for listeners to discover new favorites on Spotify.

With more people than ever podcasting all over the world, we want to ensure that podcast charts are growing with you. We also want you to be able to celebrate your success – which is why we’re excited to unveil a revamped podcast – charts experience that’s better in every way: more chances for up-and-coming creators and established creators to make it onto a chart; more ways to view a chart than just heading to the Spotify app; and a higher likelihood of listeners discovering you and your context.

New: Top Episodes

For the first time, Spotify’s charts look beyond overall podcast show numbers on Spotify and dive into individual episodes. Updated daily, the Top Episodes chart will provide a better understanding of what’s really being listened to on Spotify – because a podcast isn’t always the sum of its episodes. Sometimes, for example, a single episode may strike a chord with listeners of become part of the audio-content zeitgeist.

There’s now something to show for episodes that are really popular or trending, even if their podcast as a whole isn’t being consumed at the same volume. It’s also another way for listeners to discover your show, and potentially explore past episodes or follow your show to hear what you come out with next.

New: Charts Website

Starting yesterday, Spotify is freeing charts from the confines of the app and giving them their standalone due, with their own website. (At launch, the charts website will only reflect U.S. charts). Not only will this provide everyone easier access to the daily podcast pulse on Spotify, but it’ll also serve as a larger destination for discoverability.

With a full charts website, creators everywhere will be able to share their success with listeners, family, and friends – or organically get discovered by a listener perusing the site and stumbling upon your show. Anyone will be able to preview a podcast and follow it directly from the charts site.

Improved: Top Podcasts

Spotify improved their Top Podcast chart by devising a new methodology that helps listeners find what they’re really looking for: the intersection of popular and emerging. Now, the amount of podcast followers on Spotify factors into the algorithm and definition of what comprises a ‘top’ podcast, coupled with recent unique Spotify listener numbers. These changes mean the chart is better able to react to new shows, fresh voices, and fast risers, while giving listeners more reason to check in frequently to discover new shows.

More Spotify Listeners Can Now Ask Alexa to Play Podcasts

Last year, Spotify announced that U.S. listeners could ask their Amazon Alexa devices to play their favorite podcasts. Now, listeners in 11 new markets – Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, India, Austria, and Ireland – can ask Alexa to do the same.

Podcasts delight, entertain, inform, and inspire people across the world, and there’s always more to stream, for both Free and Premium listeners. Now with Alexa, you can get listening to any of the millions more on Spotify—just by using your voice.

Ready to get started? Setup is easy, and only takes a few moments:

  • Go to the Amazon Alexa App.
  • Open the menu, head to Settings, then Music & Podcasts.
  • If Spotify is not connected, tap “Link New Service” and select Spotify”.
  • Link your Spotify account to your Alexa account.
  • If you’re in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, or the UK, tap “Default Services,” and then select
  • Spotify as the default podcast service.
  • Say “Alexa, play [your podcast of choice] podcast on Spotify” and get listening!

Spotify has created a short video to walk people through the process of connecting Spotify to Alexa. Not sure what podcast to start with? New podcasts from every market and in many languages are increasingly available on Spotify. For each of the 11 new markets that can play podcasts on Alexa, Spotify has a podcast suggestion.

Spotify and Archewell Audio Announced Multi-Year Partnership

Archewell Audio, the newly-formed audio-first production company, created by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, and Megan, The Duchess of Sussex, has announced a multi-year partnership with Spotify to produce podcasts and shows that tell uplifting and entertaining stories – and inspire even more.

Under this exclusive partnership, Archewell Audio will leverage Spotify’s global reach – with 144 million Premium subscribers and 320 million monthly active users – to spotlight powerful and diverse voices and perspectives.

“What we love about podcasting is that it reminds all of us to take a moment and to really listen, to connect to one another without distraction,” The Duke and Dutchess of Sussex said in a joint statement. “With the challenges of 2020, there has never been a more important time to do so, because when we hear each other, and hear each other’s stories, we are reminded of how interconnected we all are.”

Ahead of the new year, Archewell Audio and Spotify’s Gimlet studio will release their first offering: a holiday special hosted by The Duke and Duchess that will features stories of hope and compassion from inspirational guests in celebration of the new year. In 2021, The Duke and Duchess will produce and host podcasts that build community through shared experiences and values.

The first complete series from Archewell Audio and Spotify is expected next year and will be available to stream for free on Spotify. Follow the show page here.

Spotify Announced 2020 Podcast Hall of Fame

Spotify released a playlist titled: “2020 Podcast Hall of Fame”. It includes hand-picked episodes showcasing the best of 2020. Those who have a Spotify account can listen to as many of the selected episodes as they choose.

It is not possible to listen to them on Spotify if you do not have a Spotify account. However, you can find these episodes by using your favorite search engine.

The 2020 Podcast Hall of Fame list includes:

  • Reply All #158 The Case of the Missing Hit – Gimlet (released March 5)
  • Code Switch A Decade of Watching Black People Die – NPR (released May 31)
  • California Love Ellie – LAist Studios (August 13)
  • VENT Documentaries #3 Why Does Everyone Call Me Carlos? – VICE UK (released May 11)
  • Resistance Shake the Room – Gimlet (released October 21)
  • All the Smoke E11: KOBE BRYANT – The Black Effect and iHeartRadio (released January 9)
  • 99% Invisible Perfume: Articles of Interest #9 – Roman Mars (released July 17)
  • Lolita Podcast 1: Dolores, Not Lolita – iHeartRadio (released November 23)
  • The Renner Files The Jeremy Renner App Lives – Caroline Goldfarb & Sarah Ramos (released October 21)
  • Edge of Sports NFL Pro Bowler Michael Bennet on the Power of Protest – Dave Zirin.The Nation (released July 6)
  • NATAL Three: Mikah and Cecilia’s Stories – The Woodshaw, You Had Me at Black (released May 20)
  • The Queer Arabs Episode 114 [In English], part 1: It’s Time To Let Classical Music Die – Alia, Ellie, Ahmed, Nadia and Adam (released July 17)
  • Unpack ‘n Bounce Back Friendship – Reyna Biddy & Skye Townsend (released July 13)
  • Reveal American Rehab Chapter 1: A Desperate Call – The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX 9 (released July 4)
  • Cool Mules DOs and DON’Ts – CANADALAND (released March 23)
  • Jemele Hill is Unbothered Ep 103: GABRIELLE UNION – The Chip in the Cookie – Spotify Studios (released July 27)
  • Outside/In Ginkgo Love – New Hampshire Public Radio / Panoply (released July 2)
  • WTF with Marc Maron Podcast Remembering Lynn Shelton – Marc Maron (released May 18)
  • Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain – Failure – Emma Chamberlain and Ramble (released February 20)
  • The Daily The Sunday Read: ‘Closing the Restaurant That Was My Life for 20 Years – The New York Times (released April 26)
  • The Cut Emily Ratajkowski Wants Her Pictures Back – Vox Media Podcast Network (released September 26)
  • Office Ladies – Casino Night w/ John Krasinski – Earwolf & Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (released May 13)
  • The Ringer – Doc Rivers on Player Empowerment, Growing Up the Son of a Chicago Cop, Where Our Country is Going, and the NBA’s Return – Flying Coach With Steve Kerr and Pete Carroll (released June 16)
  • Richard’s Famous Food Podcast #15: Welcome To Richard’s Famous LA Food Podcast – Richard Parks III (released July 1)
  • Call Her Daddy 92 MILEY CYRUS – Barstool Sports (released August 14)

Spotify Announced Strategic Acquisition of Megaphone

Spotify announced that the company has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Megaphone, one of the world’s most innovative podcast advertising and publishing platform. Together, Spotify and Megaphone will help advertisers and podcast publishers realize the full potential of podcasts. The two companies will achieve this through the power of Megaphone Targeted Marketplace and by making Streaming Ad Insertion available to third-party podcast publishers for the first time.

With this acquisition, Spotify continues to deliver against its goal to become the world’s leading audio platform and focus on growing audio monetization across the industry. The acquisition follows Spotify’s launch of Streaming Ad Insertion, an innovative podcast ad technology that delivers the intimacy and quality of traditional podcast ads with the precision and transparency of modern day digital marketing.

Advertisers will now be able to activate across Spotify’s Original & Exclusive podcasts while scaling reach through the Megaphone Targeted Marketplace. For podcast publishers, the acquisition will unlock innovative tools that will help them earn more from their work. This includes the opportunity to opt-in to have their content monetized, matching their listeners with even greater demand from advertisers.

Following transaction close, Spotify will soon make Streaming Ad insertion available to all podcast publishers on Megaphone, the first time this technology will be made available to third parties. With Streaming Ad Insertion, podcast publishers will be able to offer more valuable podcast audiences to advertisers based on confirmed ad impressions.

“We are still in the early chapters of the streaming and audio industry story, but it is absolutely clear that the potential is significant,” said Dawn Ostroff, Chief Content & Advertising Business Officer, Spotify. “We look forward to Megaphone joining Spotify on our mission to accelerate smarter podcast monetization for advertisers and podcast publishers powered by a scaled audience and state-of-the-art technology.”

“We are incredibly excited to join Spotify to help advance the podcast medium for publishers and advertisers alike,” said Brendan Monaghan, CEO, Megaphone. “We believe that Megaphone and Spotify’s shared value in innovation will drive the podcast ecosystem forward around the world.”