SquadCast Announced Full HD Video Recording and More

SquadCast announced that in the latest version of SquadCast features 1080p video, powerful integrations, and a redesigned account experience.

1080p Video Recordings and Conversations

Quality content is critically important to the podcasters and video creators that SquadCast serves. They are excited to announce that they’ve increased the quality of local video recordings to 1080p Full HD. 1080 video recording unlocks creative possibilities like panning and zooming around a video without reducing quality or upsampling.

New SquadCast API, Webhooks and Zapier Integrations

Build powerful automations and connect apps like never before with the new SquadCast API, Webhooks, and Zapier integrations. Empower new workflows like creating a new Recording Session when your Guest schedules with you on Calendly or save a copy of your recordings to Dropbox, SquadCast is proud to lead the Cloud Recording Studio category and is the first the to launch public API, Webhooks and Zapier integrations.

New Recording Time Analytics

The new experience that excites us the most within our redesigned Account page is the new Recording Time analytics. Now SquadCast can access a full ledger of the time they’ve recorded and the time that is added each month. These new analytics enhance the existing Time Wallet that serves as an indicator of Used and Available Recording Time.

New Keyboard Shortcuts and Chat Commands

Toggle recording (Crtl+R), microphone (Ctrl + D), camera (Ctrl + V), share screen (Ctrl + S) and control your Cloud Recording Studio sessions all from your keyboard with our new Keyboard Shortcuts and Chat Commands.

Squadcast’s Video + Audio Recording is Out of Beta

Squadcast announced that its Video + Audio Recording is officially out of beta. Nearly 1 year of HD-quality videos have been recorded in less than 1 month.

Squadcast’s v3 launched in beta at the end of January and has already been very well-utilized by SquadCasters. At the end of February of 2021, SquadCast officially took the beta tag off of the new version! With the help of thousands of their customers, they were able to add valuable features and fix a lot of issues, listed below. They are excited for SquadCasters to continue creating and exploring v3’s video and higher quality audio capabilities.

Improvements SquadCast Made:

Download All/Selected & Choose Formats

    • Download All recordings for any Recording Session in the format of your choice
    • Select Multiple Recordings and download them in the format of your choice
    • Copy Share Links for Recordings in the format of your choice

New Settings Page

    • Toggle Settings On & Off in 1, easy to find, place
    • Auto-Stop Recording is a new Setting that empowers you to chose how the platform should behave when a participant’s network or equipment is disconnected while recording
    • They will be adding more Settings soon

Issues SquadCast Fixed:

  • V3.5 landed on February 26
  • Rendering videos longer than 2 hours was timing out for some customers
  • Recording Video from a camera that was not 16:9 aspect ratio (front-facing on mobile) was rendering mp4 video the was stretched to 16:9
  • Edit Session modal was not saving changes some of the time
  • Sign in with Google/Facebook without an account was not routing customer to Checkout page
  • Cancelling an account with Google/Facebook authentication was not working for some customers
  • The Request Permission & Got It buttons were out of view for customers on shorter screen heights
  • The Copy Guest Invite Link failed to connect some Guests
  • Mixing Audio Recordings failed to report progress for some rendering jobs

SquadCast is Collaborating with Dolby

SquadCast announced a unique collaboration with Dolby to provide podcasters with the best audio experience possible.

We are collaborating with Dolby Laboratories, the innovative sight and sound company, to dissolve distance and bring the remote recording experience even closer to reality.

In the coming weeks, Dolby’s powerful spatialized audio technology will be enhancing the SquadCast platform connecting podcasters and guests to sonically feel – and sound like – they are recording in the same room.

“In the new normal that we all live in, high quality interaction and content are more critical than ever. We’re all hungering for intimate connections, and the content you all provide is what keeps us fed…

SquadCast’s mission is well aligned with Dolby’s – to obsessively provide better quality audio to creators worldwide…

When Zach and I first spoke about audio quality, he said that “SquadCast provides you with the highest quality original recording, like organic produce”…

At Dolby, we [can help] “wash that produce”, and for those that don’t like to cook, get you closer to a take out meal…

For those of you that do like to cook, you can leverage the functionality in SquadCast to get your audio dialed in so you can take it over from there…” – Sripal Metha, Senior Director of Dolby’s Media API Platform.

In May of 2020, several new features will be launched to the SquadCast platform, including:

Spatialized audio, that will make you and your guests sound and feel like you’re sonically in the same room while recording together

Enhanced audio mastering
, which will add post-production efficiency through automatic leveling, EQ, background noise reduction and more

Studio audience and listener experience features, offering audience engagement and live-streaming tools (coming later in 2020)

Screen sharing – yet another feature to create a more frictionless remote recording experience

The SquadCast Recording Engine is not changing. All new features are baked into their current pricing and there will be no additional cost for SquadCast customers. As features are added in the coming weeks, SquadCast Hosts will have the option of flipping a switch to get the added functionality when starting and scheduling new recording sessions.

SquadCast Introduces SquadCast v2

SquadCast LogoPodcast recording platform, SquadCast, has launched its second version – SquadCast v2. It is designed to empower podcasters and their guests to record high-quality remote interviews that listeners love.

With the popularity of podcasts blowing up all over the world, audio quality has never been more important to podcasters and listeners. Poor audio quality can distract and reduce credibility. SquadCast provides a quality-first remote interview platform that is designed to capture conversations that sound like they were recorded in the same room.

SquadCast has launched the second version of their podcast recording platform. The update includes:

  • Recording high-quality audio for professional podcasters and their guests
  • Mobile and Cross Browser support
  • Flexible pricing with Hourly & Monthly options

More information can be found here.

Podcast guests are remote and mobile. The new SquadCast is launching with full support for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave on Desktop and Mobile on Android.

Remastered recording experience. The new SquadCast has been completely redesigned for Mobile and Desktop. The new SquadCast removes all friction from connecting hosts and guests with a redesigned joining experience that reduces six clicks down to one. The new SquadCast features both light and dark modes, emoji, gifs, and maps to add some fun and aid in communication,

The first version of the platform was released in January 2019. After the version two release in July, they will be adding a video recording feature in Q4 2019. In Early 2020, they will release a Network experience for teams with multiple podcasts.

The feedback from podcasters, guests, and listeners are very positive. One online review reads, “I love SquadCast. I show up, hit record, conduct my interview, and leave with great audio that makes editing easy and fun. “ – Liz Covart, Host of Ben Franklin’s World.

The goal of the platform is to empower podcasters to record remote interviews by delivering a simple, reliable, and high-quality experience, designed to always capture your conversations listeners love.

SquadCast v 1 has Launched!

SquadCast announced the launch of SquadCast v 1. It is their first official step out of beta. SquadCast allows you to “put an end to your toxic relationship with remote interviews”.

It’s about time for remote podcast interviews to not suck so much. Settle down without settling at all with SquadCast.

SquadCast listened to people who provided clarity on what matters most, and what doesn’t, in an audio recording platform. For example, they listened to the San Francisco Podcasters Association, who told them that “audio drift is a huge problem”. This was one piece of advice that made it clear that the post-production experience of editing audio is paramount.

SquadCast v1 makes it easy to:

SquadCast believes you deserve to have a reliable podcasting service in your life. They exist to amplify your ideas and conversations, not hinder them.

SquadCast Updated its Features

SquadCast enables podcasters to do remote interviews, in studio quality, from anywhere. The SquadCast Platform connects podcast hosts and co-hosts. It also helps with scheduling.

SquadCast helps podcasters to schedule recording sessions, invite guests with emails or links and organize recordings. It offers HD interviews that are recorded in lossless WAV.

Scheduling interviews with Guests was always part of the vision for SquadCast. They have moved away from the full Calendar page where Sessions could be scheduled that was in the beta app based on feedback from podcast hosts.

We moved forward by ditching the Calendar page & enhancing the scheduling flow within Studio. This improved the overall experience by removing any need for navigating between two pages. Hosts are either in Schedule or in Studio & switching between the two became seamless.

SquadCast has landed on a design improvement that called for adding two tabs, Future & Past, to the schedule. The Future tab is sorted in chronological order and the Past Tab is sorted in reverse, ensuring sessions stay organized.

Other features include:

Quick Session: A button that automates the scheduling process and joins you to the session immediately.

Request Backups: A button right within the Recordings panel that, when clicked, will open a dialog where SquadCast asks for some contextual info that’ll help them to move faster. Once submitted, a support ticket is opened with the SquadCast team that is pre-populated with session info.

Podcasters do not need to copy and paste the Session ID into the Intercom. SquadCast typically turns around a request for backups within a few hours.

Session Invite & Update Emails: SquadCast has decided to not only tailor email invites to Hosts and Guests, but also to send emails when a Session is updated. This ensures that everyone stays in sync and that all calendar events stay up-to-date as the Host dials in Session details.

SquadCast is a Collaborative Podcast Recording Service

SquadCast LogoIt’s a common practice for podcasters to work together from remote locations. But this type of setup presents some challenges. Different tools and techniques have been developed over time to try and bridge the gap between distant podcast participants. But none of these solutions has truly become the “killer app” for podcasters who need to work with cohosts and guests in remote locations.

That’s where SquadCast comes in. I was first introduced to SquadCast at this year’s Podcast Movement conference in Anaheim. The story behind SquadCast goes like this: The founders of SquadCast were working on a collaborative audio project and all of the participants were in separate locations. They couldn’t find any existing tools that really fit their needs, so they started building their own solution.

I recently took part in a demo of a SquadCast session and was impressed by the service’s ease of use and reliability. During the demo, I connected remotely with the SquadCast team. The SquadCast service recorded both sides of our conversation, and when the call was finished, the audio was processed quickly with excellent sound quality. I also learned about features the team is planning on adding to the service in the future. SquadCast looks like a very well thought out product so far, and its creators are taking regular feedback from experienced podcasters to refine the service into what will likely become a valuable tool for podcasters.

SquadCast is currently in beta but it is open to new signups. The service costs $20/month or $200/year, with the first month’s service free. SquadCast recording sessions currently allow up to four participants, with a maximum recording time of two hours. I’ve been assured that these limits will go up after the service has officially launched.