Steady Launches Spotify Integration for Members-Only

Steady, the membership platform which helps creators make a living from their work, is partnering with Spotify for a new feature that allows creators to publish members-only content directly on Spotify, allowing for a smoother and easier listening experience.

Launching a membership programme for a podcast has previously been a tricky process, as paywalls for audio are not integrated into the major audio platforms, unlike the paywalls on the web for written content. This means listeners often need to leave their podcast app to listen to exclusive members-only content or subscribe to an extra RSS feed.

Through the new Spotify Open Access feature, Steady’s publishers can now make subscription content available directly on Spotify to their members only.

How will Steady + Spotify work?

To access members-only episodes in Spotify, listeners will be directed to an in-app browser page to provide their Steady log-in or create an account. The listener experience for members-only audio will be much more seamless – no need to leave the Spotify app to access your favorite exclusive episodes.

Creators can continue to offer exclusive podcasts on an RSS feed, too, if they so choose.

Steady CEO Tina Dingel: “Our new partnership with Spotify will help creators using Steady to reach larger audiences and share content with their communities easily. One of the main challenges facing podcasters to date has been the difficulty in monetizing content, often relying on sponsorships and ad income. Making it possible to host members-only episodes on Spotify will help to solidify the shift toward paying creators for their content, meaning podcasters can focus on producing high-quality content for their listeners.”

Spotify Head of Studios GSA and Acting Head of Studios UK/IE Saruul Krause-Jentsch: “Spotify Open Access is a first-of-its-kind offering in the audio industry, broadening distribution for creators who offer paid content. The system enables creators with existing paid content businesses to activate they customers on Spotify, and it allows Spotify users to unlock and listen to content they subscribe to on other platforms. We look forward to supporting creators growing their audiences through Spotify while retaining full insights into their community.’

What is Steady for Podcasters?

Steady is the simple membership system by creators, for creators, run by a small team based in based in Berlin helping hundreds of podcasters, journalists, artists, and creators get financial support from their fans.

Steady helps podcasters connect with their audience, earn stable revenue from their creative work, and grow. Using Steady helps creators make use of paywalls, payment systems, and newsletter integrations, so creators can get on with producing podcasts. Publishers only pay a commission to Steady when you start earning money. This helps to provide support for publishers and their members, and protect them from fraud. Steady’s commission is 10 percent, plus credit card and PayPal processing fees.