Storyboard Announces Over 3,000 Podcasts have Launched Private Podcast Channels

Storyboard, a best-in-class audio platform where companies can release private podcasts to their internal audiences, announced that over 3,000 organizations have now launched podcast channels on the platform. With Storyboard, creators can build their own groups of listeners, such as employees or teams at their company. These selected listeners can access the creator’s private podcast channels after logging in from Storyboard’s website and mobile apps.

“This is a massive milestone for our creators,” says JP Gooderham, CEO of Storyboard. “Storyboard podcasters have used our platform for so many creative ideas, including training a a sales team that is constantly on the road, visiting clients, a CEO connecting with their company through a virtual town hall that someone can listen to in any time zone, or a family recording their stories and sharing across the country.”

Storyboard’s suite of apps allows access across all devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web. Creators can either record and upload their content, or use Storyboard’s tools, like in-app recording, to share their audio.

“Audio in the workplace is really taking hold, especially as so many companies explore remote or hybrid strategies,” Gooderham said. “Many of the most innovative companies are thinking about how to get key messages across time zones and working from home. Audio absolutely should be a key part of that toolbox.

“The 3,000 creator channels include Storyboard’s Enterprise customers who use the platform’s secure features – like Single Sign-On (SSO) – to enable podcasting to be used as a workplace communication channel. It also includes Storyboard Free, which allows creators to create channels at no cost for up to 50 listeners, including small teams and hobby-focused podcasts.

Storyboard Launches Listener Commenting System for Private Podcasts, a specialized platform for hosting corporate private podcasts and internal audio, announced that it has launched Listener Comments. This launch will provide the first comprehensive feature in the space where internal podcasts – podcast-style shows targeted to employees that provide on-demand training, company news, leadership updates, and more – will facilitate two-way communication where employees can share their thoughts and questions.

Going forward, Storyboard listeners who access their company’s podcast feed will be able to contribute comments on each episode. This includes the ability to tag specific moments, like picking a place in a show where the listener would like to ask a question to a corporate leader or get clarification on a key training.

For content creators on Storyboard, this will open the door to opportunities to use audio as a vehicle for collaboration and engagement. One of the most common use cases on Storyboard is to host town halls where employees can stay connected to the company’s vision. With Storyboard Comments, content creators can ask for questions and ideas for future episodes, which makes audio more open and connected to the audience.

“Storyboard is dedicated to providing more than just a way to release an audio file within an organization,” said CEO JP Gooderham. “We’re focused on offering tools that will allow anyone in an organization to have a voice and participate, whether they are recording or listening to a piece of content. This has been a consistent theme from our creators when thinking about how to make workplace communications more meaningful and authentic.”

Storyboard Comments are now available to all Storyboard Pro and Storyboard Hobby users. For organizations who would like to begin using Storyboard, they also can sign up for the Hobby Tier which is free for up to 100 users. To find more information, please find our product overview at: