Studio Ochenta Launches Global Call for Pitches Under Quarantine

Studio Ochenta, a multilingual podcast studio dedicated to raising voices across cultures has announced its first global call for story pitches for producers working from home under quarantine.

The Show, Ochenta Stories, will bring together eighty 3-5-minute crowdsourced creator stories in any one of their original languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin. Ochenta, which specializes in international productions in English, French, and Spanish, will translate the pieces for the world to hear.

“Our Paris-based studio is currently under a strict quarantine in France, and a lot of the producers we work with around the world are confined to their homes. We want to give them a chance to tell their stories to the world,” – Founder and CEO Lory Martinez.

The prompt is simple: In times of crisis, tell the story you’d want to hear when this is all over.

You can submit any format, though narrative and fiction are preferred to facilitate translation. If you want to participate, send a sample of previous/related work and a 200-word description of the piece to, with the subject line: Ochenta Stories. This is a paid opportunity. Producers will be paid to write short scripts and will work with Ochenta’s producers to produce them for other languages.

It is the latest in the studio’s multilingual announcements, after the success of it’s flagship fiction show, Mija Podcast in France and Spain this past fall, the studio will be releasing Season 2 in English, Spanish and Mandarin this coming May,

For more information, read how the studio is producing international podcasts during times of crisis.