The Black & Brown Podcast Collective Announced a Grant

The Black & Brown Podcast Collective announced its “Black Women, the Experience Podcast Grant”, which will award microgrants to Black women in podcasting who are sharing their unique stories and experiences through podcasting.

The applications process for the “Black Women, the Experience Podcast Grant” opened on October 14, 2020, where Black women in podcasting can apply for an unrestricted microgrant. Grants can range anywhere between $250 – $1,000 depending on the podcast’s content, length and need.

After having to postpone plans for the first-ever Black & Brown Podcast Festival & awards show due to Covid-19, Marsha wanted to continue the mission of celebrating and supporting podcasters of color despite the pandemic. As an extension of this mission, she founded The Black & Brown Podcast Collective, which seeks to support podcasters of color through resources and grant funding.

Grant application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Message and impact
  • Differentiation/Uniqueness
  • Consistency

To submit a grant application, podcasters should sign-up for free to The Black & Brown Podcast Collective. The application asks eligible applicants to fill in basic information including podcast name, applicant name, email, phone number and address. The address is necessary because the awards are sent to the applicant’s address and dispersed through a check.