Podfund Will Release Original Podcast in Spring and Summer of 2020

Podfund announced some upcoming releases from storytellers from the Podfund portfolio. Here are a few to look forward to:

Against The Rules – Season 2 premieres May 5

Against The Rules is best-selling author and journalist Michael Lewis’s searing look at fairness in every aspect of American life – financial markets, newsrooms, sports arenas, courts of law and more. In Season 2, he examines the role of coaches in society. It seems like there’s a coach for everything and, in most cases, they are revered. But who has access to these coaches and who doesn’t? And what does that mean for all of us?

The Last Archive – Premieres May 14

Who killed the truth? In The Last Archive, acclaimed historian Jill Lepore is hot on the trail of the “murderer,” dodging fake news and alternative facts as she examines ten events across the 20th century – from a brutal death in Vermont, to the invention of the lie detector, to the first use of data in a presidential election. Each story is a clue in her case. Listeners accompany her on literal and figurative journeys as she reanimates the past with rich archival audio, lively field investigations, and radio drama-style reenactments. The Last Archive unfurls like a classic 1930s radio drama but takes on the big issues of today.

Revisionist History – Season 5 Premieres June 18

Revisionist History is Malcolm Gladwell’s journey through the overlooked and the misunderstood. Every episode re-examines something from the past – an event, a person an idea, even a song – and asks whether we got it right the first time. It has been singled out as a top history podcast by Time, Oprah, and Good Housekeeping, to name a few, and is a mainstay of top podcast charts. Gladwell is a best-selling author, New Yorker writer, and podcast pioneer. Revisionist History’s fifth season will explore how we memorialize war, why museums are hoarders, and whether lotteries would yield better results than elections.