Paste Magazine Launched the Pod People

Paste Magazine has started offering something new called The Pod People.  For the first time, Paste will be offering a weekly rundown of podcast episodes that are interesting and noteworthy. They are open to suggestions for future editions of The Pod People.

The Pod People is a feature in Paste Magazine’s media category. It is curated by Muira McCammon, who is now a podcast reviewer for Paste Magazine. She has also written for Slate, Waypoint by VICE, Atlas Obscura, and more. The Pod People is described this way:

We’re new! We love podcasts – from the wonkish to the witty, from the quirky to the cool. We’re here with a mission: to give you a weekly rundown of podcasts that ponder questions big and small, that get us to look at the world a wee bit differently. We want to shine a light on emerging podcasters, marginalized voices, and episodes that might’ve gotten lost in the archives. And best of all, we need your help!

Avid podcast listeners can send an email to podpeople@pastemagazine and tell them about your favorite podcast episode “from weeks, months, or years ago.” Let them know why that episode is special to you.

The first edition of The Pod People features six episodes of six different podcasts including: The Moth, The Nerdist, Prime Minister’s Questions, Love Me, The Allusionist: Small Adventures in Language with Helen Zaltzman, and Métis in Space. The episodes selected are variety pack of topics. The Pod People provides podcast listeners with a weekly sampler of interesting episodes from podcasts that they may have missed out on.