The Podcast Broker – Dedicated To Buying And Selling Podcasts

The Podcast Broker, a site dedicated to buying and selling podcasts, launched at Podcast Movement on Tuesday, August 23, 2022. The site will allow podcasters to sell their shows and prospective buyers to purchase podcasts. The podcast industry has seen the acquisitions of large content creation companies, but independent podcasters haven’t had an easy way to sell their shows, and aims to change this.

The Podcast Broker is the brainchild of Heather Osgood, founder of True Native Media, a podcast representation firm. Osgood commented, “After years of working with podcasts, it became clear that while podcasts love the content they create, there does come a time when they would like to move on. I’ve seen too many quality shows just pod fade and stop creating content, abandoning their shows. It’s such a shame because the shows are very sellable. There has been a real need for a platform like to assist these podcasters.”

Ben Richardson and Alberto Betella, founders of, have co-founded, serving as technical founders. “ is simple,” says Betella, “it’s a platform to allow podcasters the opportunity to connect with buyers. It’s the first of its kind, and we’re confident we can be of great help to podcasters and buyers alike.” will provide a free evaluation of podcasts. To provide a baseline price estimate, visitors to the site can complete the evaluation form on the site to receive feedback. Podcasts will be listed on the site when they are approved. Podcasts can be listed on the site either anonymously or with full show details. At the time of the sale, podcasters can negotiate the purchase of other digital of physical assets such as websites, email lists, or show merchandise associated with the podcast.

Websites and many other digital products have been bought and sold for years, and now, will allow podcasts to be easily bought and sold.