Ramsey Network Broadcast Veteran Brian Mayfield Retires

Brian Mayfield, who spent nearly 15 years serving in a variety of roles at Ramsey Solutions, including five years as an executive president of Ramsey Network, has retired.

More than 30 years ago, “The Ramsey Show” began with personal finance expert Dave Ramsey sharing financial advice on a Nashville radio station. Now, a variety of Ramsey Personalities co-host with Ramsey and help listeners with their questions about money, relationships, and mental wellness every weekday.

“Over the last 15 years, Brian Mayfield has truly become one of the top talk radio executives in the nation and a good friend while he has been with Ramsey Solutions,” said Ramsey. “His early retirement is a loss for all of us at Ramsey and the industry.”

“It has been an honor to work alongside Dave and the rest of the team,” said Mayfield. “I am very proud the success we have seen to date, but I am even more excited to watch and experience the success of Ramsey Network into the future as a fan. We are sometimes faced with situations that dictate change, I’m embracing mine and looking forward to quality time with my wife and family – I’m truly blessed.”

Broadcast veteran Blake Thompson, Ramsey’s first producer when the show began, was named executive vice president of Ramsey Network last year. He will continue to serve in that role.

About Ramsey Network

Ramsey Network, a division of Ramsey Solutions, is home to “The Ramsey Show,” the second-largest syndicated talk radio show in American. The network produces 10 podcasts, seven YouTube shows, and it produced the Webby Award-winning documentary “Borrowed Future.” Ramsey Network’s accessible, engaging and transformative content helps people take control of their money, navigate relationships, guide their careers, become better leaders, and grow their businesses.