Jules & James Podcast Lets You Interact with the Characters

Jules & James is a podcast created by Through the 4th Wall. It is a fiction podcast about two strangers falling in love with each other. The unique thing about this podcasts is that it is going to allow listeners to interact with the characters.

Jules & James is a weekly, half-hour long podcast; a narrative fiction between two artists connected by fate. One part Before Sunrise, one part Griffin & Sabine, Jules & James captures the charm of falling in love with the unknown.

The characters meet as a result of a misdialed phone number. Jules is a British writer and director who is currently making a film in London. James is an American who’s given up his 9-to-5 life in the states to become a painter living in Paris. The two have weekly phone calls where they talk about their lives, dreams for the future, the world around them, “and everything else that the comfort of speaking to a stranger allows you to reveal.”

The Creative Directors of Through the 4th Wall are Jennifer Schwed and Doug Bradshaw. They create sophisticated, elaborate, and thematic stories while building a mythology and a mood around them. This makes the experience of listening to a podcast go beyond the physical barriers of the performance itself.

As such, Through the 4th Wall is creating Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for Jules, and for James, (the characters in the podcast). The social media accounts give listeners the ability to peek into the lives of the characters a little bit more.

Fans can interact with the characters while their relationship blooms. Through the 4th Wall will pay attention to how fans interact with the characters on the character’s social media pages. Those interactions will be taken into consideration and will bend the story arc of Season Two of the podcast.