Releases Free Episode Transcripts Feature is excited to announce automatic transcripts which are available to all podcast creators on free and paid plans. podcasters can generate free transcripts for new and existing episodes. These transcripts will automatically be aded to their public available episode pages on to improve consumer accessibility. Transcripts in episode pages also boost discoverability through search engines like Google by allowing audio files to be found not only on their standard metadata such as title and description, but also based on their actual content.

When generated from a creator’s dashboard, transcripts are added to a show’s RSS feed via the new podcasting 2.0 tag for supporting apps to display and also as metadata in the RSS feed.

Initially, free automatic transcripts are available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Turkish.

Ben Richardson, co-founder of says: “While working in this release we had several factors that could not be compromised. It couldn’t increase the cost to our creators. It had to be multilingual. It needed to be useful in discovery and search. It had to be a part of our own technology stack, and it had to be easy to use. I think our team hit all those marks and more with this release. We encourage all types of podcast player apps to facilitate the use of captions and transcripts our podcasters can provide in order to open up even more podcasting’s potential.”

Alberto Betella, co-founder of says: “Offering free transcripts to all our creators required a significant R&D effort on our end to find the sweet spot between accuracy, time and computational efficiency. We systematically compared the most popular open source speech recognition tools available, as well as our proprietary services and chose the solution that best fits our criteria. We then implemented our own podcast transcripts engine in house that merges cutting-edge AI with modern cloud optimization paradigms for maximum control and cost effectiveness. This approach allowed us to offer transcripts to all our users at no extra cost and make it really easy for them to generate accessible audio content.”