Trebble Brings Professional-Grade Spoken-Word Audio Creation To The Masses

Trebble FM inc., based in Toronto, Canada, is launching in beta, an online audio editor that makes it easy for anyone to create professionally-sounding spoken-word audio. It was carefully designed to have an extremely short learning curve and expedite the audio editing process. The editor removes a lot of the complexity found in traditional platforms. It also automates post-production which, for many beginners, can be daunting and time-consuming. This tool also allows you to record directly from your browser in high-quality to simplify your creative workflow. It operates entirely in a browser, making it accessible and convenient to use.

Unlike most audio editing software on the market which utilizes waveforms, Trebble’s innovative editor uses audio transcription. This makes editing as intuitive as proofreading a word document. Any change made to the transcribed text is mirrored the underlying audio, For instance, if you need to remove any filler words such as “umm” or “uhh” from the audio, you can easily edit them out of the transcribed text. This approach to editing is not only faster but it makes the process less intimidating for beginners.

Audio post-production is an important step in crafting great quality audio. It takes hours to grasp and novice audio creators often struggle with it. Trebble’s new editor removes this hurdle by automating the entire post-production process. There is no compressor, de-esser, equalizer, or any other audio effects to calibrate. It does all the heavy lifting for you. Further, storytellers who want to create more immersive audio have access to a vast catalog of license-free music and sounds.

At the end of the editing process, content creators can easily share their masterpiece on their website, their newsletter or they can export it to use anywhere else. Any audio is automatically normalized, and ready to be uploaded to a podcast hosting service. The tool is a single-track voice editor currently but Trebble is undergoing plans to offer multi-track in the future.

“As a meditation teacher with a passion for creating digital content, Trebble has become a non-negotiable! Gone are the days of sloppy recordings made by using a handful of apps over hours of tinkering because Trebble makes it easy for anyone to create quality content,” says Dawn Mauricio, a Buddhist meditation teacher who uses the new editor to create her audio-guided meditations.

With the launch of this pathbreaking tool, Trebble is eager to support solo podcasters, news reporters, audio drama creators, newsletter publishers, meditation teachers, business coaches, educators, marketers, and anyone who wants to create quality spoken audio but has limited experience or little time.

Check out our interactive demo or, sign up for a free account, visit the Trebble website.