TYT Taps Acast to Expand Podcasting Business with New Programming

TYT, America’s largest online progressive news network and the creator of the flagship political show The Young Turks, has partnered with podcast powerhouse Acast to expand its podcast offering.

Through the partnership, TYT and Acast will bolster the former’s podcast production capabilities, and deliver new podcast programming to audiences by both creating original series and acquiring established series onto the TYT Network.

While some of its upcoming programming will focus on offering progressive analysis of news for diverse audiences, others will extend beyond political news and feature unique and compelling voices that offer expertise on a variety of cultural topics.

TYT’s new audio strategy aims to attract and be inclusive of audiences with interests beyond the realm of news and politics. Its current roster of programming includes The Young Turks, The Damage Report with John Iadarola, The Conversation, and Old School.

“TYT is known for its authentic voice, and podcasting is a great fit for our content because the platform provides an intimate and real audio experience,” said Praveen Singh, Chief Marketing Officer at TYT.

“This year, we’re investing in marketing and production resources that will offer an intimate, audio-first experience for audiences across all of our shows. By signing with Acast, I see a true partnership that will help TYT in our renewed focus on our podcasting business and in reaching new and existing global audiences.”

“Acast has a strong understanding of our mission and vision, and they’re invested in our success. Together, we are in a strong position to build our presence.”

The move is part of TYT’s ongoing investment in making progressive news highly accessible for traditional and emerging audiences across immersive digital channels.

Acast – which works with publishers such as PBS NewsHour, A+E Networks, Discovery, Daily Beast, BBC and The Intercept – will host and distribute all of TYT’s podcasting programming widely, making it available to audiences across all podcast apps and players, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Amazon Music, and Google Podcasts. Acast will also manage monetization of the shows through ads and sponsorships.

“The appetite for accessible digital news that’s trustworthy, equitable, and inclusive has never been stronger,” said Rebecca Steinberg, Director of Development at Acast.

“TYT’s investment into podcasting perfectly complements its unparalleled success in the digital video space, attracting progressive audiences of varied backgrounds and demographics. We look forward to helping TYT widen its reach, make its audio content more accessible than ever, and meet people where they are – on one of the fastest growing mediums in the world.”