NPR Launches Up First Morning News Podcast

NPR Up First logoPodcasting is a medium that hasn’t traditionally been served well by shows that push the headlines of the day. Despite its on-demand nature, many podcasts are still downloaded and consumed later. Thus, a show carrying this format would have a very short shelf life. For a daily news show to be practical, it’d probably need to come from a source already trading in that kinda thing. Enter NPR’s new Up First podcast:

Up First will publish every weekday by 6 a.m. EST and feature lively conversation about the day’s top news stories produced with the same journalistic DNA of Morning Edition. Hosts David Greene, Rachel Martin and Steve Inskeep will talk with NPR journalists and correspondents to preview the news that will drive the day.

NPR has promised that its Up First news show will be available in all of the typical podcast-listening places. If you’d like to get your morning news fix from NPR, you can subscribe to Up First in iTunes or listen to the show within the NPR One app.

If any organization can make a go of a daily news show, it’s NPR. Time will tell if it turns out to be a successful endeavor for the public radio juggernaut.