Blubrry’s New Vid2Pod Makes Any YouTube Channel Into An Audio Podcast

A YouTube channel on its own isn’t a podcast. While there have been a number of tools available to audio-first podcasters for getting their shows onto YouTube, there hasn’t been anything that could easily turn a YouTube channel into an audio podcast. That problem is solved with Blubrry’s new Vid2Pod service:

You can now effortlessly publish podcast episodes from your video playlists into high-quality audio podcasts, opening your content to a new audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or a YouTube first creator looking to expand your reach Vid2Pod is a set it and forget it video-to-audio podcasting tool, available as part of our Advanced Hosting plans and above.

YouTubers can get Vid2Pod up and running in a few simple steps: sign up for a Blubrry media hosting subscription; link a YouTube channel to Blubrry; enter audio podcast settings (including show artwork). Blubrry will then provide a podcast RSS feed that can be submitted to podcast apps/directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartMedia, TuneIn, and more. From there, the process is completely automated. Blubrry will pick up new videos from YouTube, convert them to audio podcast episodes, and publish those episodes to RSS.

Vid2Pod users will also get access to features already baked in to Blubrry media hosting like a free WordPress site and access to Podcasting 2.0 capabilities, including Value4Value donations and Live Item notifications. Vid2Pod users will be able to measure the reach of their audio podcasts using Blubrry’s industry-leading IAB certified statistics.

Blubrry’s new Vid2Pod service is available starting today, so YouTubers who want to try the service can get started right now. Vid2Pod should be a real game changer for YouTube-first creators who want to expand their reach beyond the walls of YouTube.