Vogue Australia Launched a Podcast Channel

Vogue Australia logoVogue Australia has launched its very own podcast channel. The editors of Vogue Australia point out their inspiration this way:

It all stated with Vogue office discussion about Serial and progressed to sharing suggestions on the best podcasts to listen to so creating our own was the next step.

Based on the announcement, the Vogue Australia podcast appears to be primarily focused on fashion (which makes perfect sense). The first episode has been released. It features Vogue Australia’s fashion editor and market director, Philippa Moroney and fashion features and content strategy director, Zara Wong. It is unclear whether they are the hosts of the podcast or if different hosts will be featured in upcoming episodes.

In the very first episode, they speak with Michael Kors the day after his showing of autumn/winter ’16/’17. Australia experiences autumn and winter while the United States is experiencing spring and summer.

Vogue United States launched their podcast in September of 2015. There are a total of 20 episodes (at the time I am writing this blog post). The Vogue podcast is hosted by André Leon Talley. The topics covered in the podcast include fashion and pop culture.