Whooshkaa is Joining the Spotify Family

Whooshkaa announced that the company has joined the Spotify family. Founder and CEO Rob Loewenthal posted information about it in a blog post on Whooshkaa’s website.

Australian podcasters, we’ve come a long way together. And from today, it all just gets bigger, better, and more exciting.

Global digital audio leader Spotify has talent-spotted Whooshkaa’s world-class technology and made our business and team its first Australian acquisition. With more than 381 million monthly listeners and recently surpassing €1 billion in ad revenue this year, Spotify throws open the window of opportunity for Whooshkaa’s innovative team.

Since 2016, we’re worked hard alongside countless Aussie podcasters to build and re-imaging the future of digital audio. No false modesty here – I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built with Whooshkaa. In five years we’ve grown, learned, pivoted, and innovated. Our current team is nothing short of astounding.

We’ve worked long days, nights, and weekends, with talented individuals, businesses, schools, and media organizations to drive podcasting in Australia, with many high points along the way. Hedley Thomas’s The Teacher’s Pet for example, launched on Whooshkaa in 2018, has been downloaded more than 60 million times worldwide.

We’ve led the way on text-to-speech, speech-to-text, connected home integration, ad technology with dynamic insertion for all, enterprise grade private podcasting tools and more. Sport, comedy, business, crime, conversation, education, music, current affairs – Whooshkaa has welcomed and supported all.

Proud as we are of our laurels, we’re not resting on them. Our business is thriving. And by adding the power and vision of Spotify, we can propel the industry-leading tech and service you know and love to even greater heights.

Thank you to all who played a part in our last five years. The best is yet to come.

Whooshkaa Becomes First to Recertify for New IAB Tech Lab Guidelines

Whooshkaa became the first podcast platform to recertify for full compliance with the latest IAB Tech Lab Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines, known as version 2.1.

The IAB Tech Lab standards aim to bring consistency and reliability to measurement in the booming podcast medium.

To achieve certification, Whooshkaa submitted to an independent technical audit by the IAB Tech Lab. The audit verified that Whooshkaa meets the latest IAB Tech Lab standards for the measurement and reporting of downloads, listeners and advertising impressions.

Whooshkaa’s CEO Robert Lowenthal explained the importance of the IAB Tech Lab standard:

“The IAB Tech Lab Guidelines represent a critically important set of standards for the industry around core concepts such as ‘downloads’, ‘listeners’ and ‘ad impressions’, and how they are measured and communicated to stakeholders.”

“The IAB standards are developed and maintained by a respected, independent body in cooperation with industry representatives and enjoy industry-wide adoption,” added Robert.

“Whooshkaa is proud to lead the way as the first platform in the world to update certification to meet the new version 2.1 guidelines.”

Whooshkaa Introduced the Wooshkaa Cloud Studio

Whooshkaa has introduced Whooshkaa Cloud Studio. Their Cloud Studio provides podcasters with an easy-to-use recording and editing solution that requires nothing more than a web browser. It was launched earlier this month.

There are two parts to Whooshkaa Cloud Studio: Cloud Recorder, and Cloud Editor.

Cloud Recorder:

    • Cloud Recorder allows you to capture audio directly into Whooshkaa.
    • You will now see a “Record” button option both in the Whooshkaa Media Library and when you create Episodes.
    • The recording wizard leads you through the steps of selecting your microphone, checking your audio level and recording your audio.
    • Any audio capture device you have connected will work – whether it’s a built-in microphone, USB microphone or audio interface like mixers and preamps.
    • Cloud Recorder works in all modern browsers on desktop computers, laptops and smartphones.
    • You can use Cloud Recorder for full episodes or short clips – like announcements, pickups and ad reads.
    • When your audio is recorded, Whooshkaa will automatically optimize the audio and get it ready for delivery to your audience.

Cloud Editor: Most podcast editing comprises of a few key tasks. Cloud Editor provides you with the tools to achieve all of these in the browser.

  • Adding Audio – for example intro/outro music
  • Removing Audio – removing segments like old ‘baked-in’ ads
  • Splicing audio – replacing mistakes or adding in additional audio
  • Volume adjustments

Whooshkaa Delivers Work-From-Home Tech Free to Schools Worldwide

Private podcast technology developed by an Australian company – and key in the World Health Organization’s community of learning advice for schools – is being offered free to schools worldwide. Podcast platform Whooshkaa’s new technology, enables businesses, schools and groups to broadcast audio to specified listeners. The technology uses any existing podcast app on any smartphone, but the audio is exclusively available to those granted access by the podcaster.

“We created this as an internal communications tool to inform and engage employees – particularly those working remotely”, said Whooshkaa Founder and CEO Robert Lowenthal. “But we can see it has enormous potential to support students and schools through this period of global upheaval.

“The WHO says academic podcasts are a key plank in continuity of learning plans. Whooshkaa will set up free Professional private podcast packages for schools from kindergarten to year 12, across Australia and right around the world.”

Whooshkaa has teamed up with RØDE to provide all schools who take part in the initiative with free podcast packages to distribute content to students.

RØDE Founder and Chairman Peter Freedman AM said using the RØDECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio and Whooshkaa technology will allow teachers and administrators to record podcasts to deliver entire lessons, allocate homework, explain course material or give daily updates to parents.

“You don’t have to be an audio expert to use it, and in the case of a school closure, it’s an ideal wiay to give students access to educational content, “ Mr. Freedman said.

With leading epidemiologists such as the Harvard Center for Disease Dynamics’ William Hanage warning that “everyone who can work from home should work from home,” Whooshkaa envisages secure podcasts being used to maximize productivity and drive business community.

Whooshkaa Offers Private Podcasts for Businesses

Whooshkaa is now offering Private Podcasts for businesses. These podcasts are designed to be heard by the employees of the business – only. I can see where this has the potential to replace in-person meetings, which is especially important in the time of coronavirus.

An increasingly remote workforce requires new methods of communication. Smart companies are harnessing the power of podcasting.

Here is what Whooshkaa’s Private Podcasts can do for your business:

  •  Keep your work-from-home employees connected.
  •  Engage and inform employees with training and internal communications delivered by private podcasts
  • Private control over who hears your message
  • Whether company wide, by team, sub-team, role, project, location or any other criteria – maintain full control of subscribers for each of your podcasts
  • Your employees are already podcast fans. Deliver information in a format they know and love, in the apps they already use.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools give you detailed visibility on how your private podcasts are engaging your workforce. Understand when they’re listening, what apps they’re using and more.

There are three plans to choose from:

Semi-Pro: $29/month – Everything you need to start and grow you passion project

Professional: $99/month – For individuals and small teams. Step up to the pros. Build and manage your podcast with professional grade hosting

Business: $199/month – For businesses – Launch your brand into the world of podcasting with business grade hosting. The business plan includes 5+ shows, unlimited episodes, 25,000+ monthly listens, 200+ private feeds, and more!

Whooshkaa and Ripple Partner in Malaysia

Australian on-demand audio platform Whooshkaa has announced a partnership with leading Malaysian broadcaster Ripple. The partnership will see Whooshkaa’s software power on-demand and dynamic advertising across Ripple’s stable of shows.

Ripple’s lineup of broadcast radio shows and podcasts serve a broad demographic with content in Malay, Chinese, and English.

“Whooshka is an excellent partner with unparalleled insights into the Malaysian marketplace and will help connect new brands and audiences with our original content and radio show podcasts” said Alex Poon, General Manager Tech and Shared Services of Ripple.

“The partnership also means Ripple’s audio inventory will be available alongside all of Whooshka Asian hosted podcasts,” he said.

Whooshkaa CEO Robert Lowenthal said the Whooshkaa platform will help Ripple expand its listenership and advertising reach.

“Our tech stack streamlines the way for companies to unlock their potential using targeted, dynamic advertising, on-demand audio hosting, recording, distribution and commercialization,” he said.

Whooshkaa is an IAB Certified industry leader in digital audio. It delivers best-in-class solutions for podcasters and radio networks, breaking new ground with content creation, delivery, dynamic ad insertion, text to speech options for print media and smart audio technology.

Ripple is an audience-focused digital media, broadcast and commerce company that aims to engage with audiences through content, talents, experiences and platforms. It includes four broadcast brands – Fly FM, Hot FM, One FM, and Kool FM, a podcast platform, Ais Kacang, an e-commerce brand – SuperDeals, and seven digital brands – Dhia, Donna, Lunaria, Thelaki, Likely, Chapters, and Wakeke.

Whooshkaa Makes Listening to Podcasts on Facebook Easier

whooshkaa-logoWhooshkaa is an Australian podcasting platform. It is the first podcasting platform to take advantage of Facebook’s new audio sharing technology. Whooshkaa solves a problem that people faced when trying to listen to podcasts on Facebook.

You may have noticed an annoying problem that happens when you try to listen to a podcast on Facebook. Once you scroll past that content – it stops playing. Whooshkaa is the first in the world to use Facebook’s audio technology for podcasting.

There is a rollout happening on Facebook’s app on iOS (that will be coming soon to Android). After it rolls out, Facebook app users will be able to press play on a podcast link within Facebook and will not need to launch a new window or new page. The podcast will play within the News Feed.

Facebook’s audio player (on the app) will be minimized to the bottom right hand corner of the app screen. This enables people to continue to scroll through Facebook and to keep listening to a podcast that is offered through Facebook.

Here are some things that Whooshkaa can offer podcasters:

* It is a free platform, so you will never see a hosting bill.

* Whooshkaa lets you monetize your podcast and generate revenue with each download.

* Whooshkaa takes care of the ads with messages that fit your audience, which leaves you to focus on the good stuff: creating your podcast.

* Share your podcasts on other sites using Whooshkaa’s embeddable player

* Import your whole back catalog quickly and easily and synchronize with iTunes

* You can record your shows with the support of Whooshkaa’s production team in their Sydney studios, or create your podcast at your place and upload it to Whooshkaa.