Wisdom Launches On Android and Releases New Features for iOS

Wisdom, the world’s largest social audio-powered mentorship platform has announced its launch on Google Play to reach more people in its mission to help connect knowledge-seekers to mentors around the world.

Android users can now listen to Wisdom talks, both live and recorded, and engage intimately through the live chat function with experts across dozens of topics – from life coaching, fitness, and dating to startups, mental health, to name a few. This is a much-anticipated launch with thousands of Android users having already signed up as a Top Mentor ready to be active to share their wisdom at go-live.

Since launching on iOS in October 2021, Wisdom is proving to be popular among podcasters and gaining significant traction. To date, Wisdom listeners have absorbed 5.4 million minutes’ worth of knowledge. Engagement levels are high as Wisdom users spend on average 5 times more than minutes per day on the app, compared to Tinder and Bumble. Wisdom was also recently featured as App of the Day in the Apple App Store, with Apple saying “Logging into Wisdom is like showing up at a party powered by conversations between thought leaders and big thinkers.”

Wisdom will also be introducing several new features for iOS fans including:

Claim Your Podcast – which enables creators to add a podcast link or Linktree to their profile so the podcast promotional artwork features prominently to help drive more listeners to their podcast. The Wisdom app is popular with podcasters and Wisdom has a host of existing podcaster-friendly features, including high-quality audio recordings and creators can download their Wisdom talks to repurpose on their podcasts.

Suggested Follows – a swipeable series of cards that show periodically to recommend high quality Top Mentors for users to follow. Suggestions are based on a number of factors including the listening metrics for the mentor’s talks. Suggested follows will make it easier for creators on Wisdom to get more followers and for listeners to match with compatible mentors.

Audience Reactions – where listeners can tap a “Reaction button” to select to select an appropriate emoji to react to live talks. This allows listeners who are perhaps too shy to talk, to participate in Wisdom talks. Listeners who react are prominently featured in the listener’s queue. Audience Reactions enable creators to gauge feedback and serve as a positive signal to Wisdom’s recommendation algorithms.

Dayo Akinrinade, founder and CEO of Wisdom comments: “We have built a strong Wisdom community on iOS and our team is extremely excited to grow this community on Android with many more social audio features to come. Now existing Wisdom mentors on iOS can benefit from reaching a bigger audience and the new Android creators can help shape the future of Wisdom App.”

Other updates include User Interface improvements and a new App icon which was voted on by the Wisdom community.