Werk It Women’s Podcast Festival Will Happen in June

Werk It a Womans Podcast Festival logoWYNC Studios will hold Werk It a Woman’s Podcast Festival on June 15-17 of 2016. Space is limited and attendance is by application only. The applications are due on April 15, 2016, by 11:59 p.m. Werk It will take place at the Jerome L. Greene Performance Space in New York City.

Werk It brings together innovative women working in audio and digital media who are looking to hone their skills, meet others in their field, and learn from peers and experienced industry professionals.

The event includes “uncomfortable conversations and invigorating debates”. There will be mentoring, networking, and story workshopping. There will also be three straight nights of live podcast tapings from some of the most provocative and inspiring women hosts in the biz. Some of the presenters for this year’s Werk It have already been revealed. More speakers will be added later on.

Speakers include:

* Jessica Williams & Phoebe Robinson – Co-hosts of 2 Dope Queens

* Manoush Zamorodi – Host of Note to Self

* Molly Webster – Features producer and Guest Host of Radiolab

* Jessica Chaffin & Jamie Denbo – Co-hosts of Ronna & Beverly

* Kate Bilinski – Mix Engineer/Music Director of Serial

* Mitra Kaboli – Senior Producer of The Heart