Blip is Shutting Down

Blip TV has been around since 2005. It was one of the first online video sites that was home to the creative efforts of some of the earliest video bloggers and video podcasters. Blip will be shutting down, forever, on August 20, 2015. Those of you who have content on Blip are advised to export your videos.

In 2013, Blip got acquired by Maker Studios. At the time that Blip was acquired, it appeared that the goal was to build Blip out so that it would become a distribution platform that was able to compete with YouTube. That didn’t end up happening. Maker Studios got acquired by Disney in 2014.

Content producers who have videos on Blip received an email that let them know about the impending shutdown. Part of it encouraged people to download their content as soon as possible. All video files are going to be removed from the Blip network.

Part of the email suggested that people move their content to YouTube, or to apply to the Maker Gen network (if they already had a YouTube channel). That portion of the email said:

As you may know, Blip was acquired by Maker Studios in September 2013 and the acquisition has allowed for additional, more expansive, direct-to-consumer tools and products for content creators across the network. We encourage you to apply to the Maker Gen network if you have a YouTube channel to take advantage of Maker’s tools and services.