The Perspective of a New PodcasterNews.Com Writer…

Mike Wilkerson - Features Writer, PodcasterNews.ComGreetings from the friendly confines of St. Louis! My name is Mike Wilkerson and I’ve been podcasting since 2005, and have grown my initial interest in sharing details about the hit Fox show “24”, into a Podcast Network now spanning 54 different programs, an army of hosts and a lifetime of memories and experience that continue to build to this day. Let me start my introductory article here by asking everyone a question?

What is YOUR perspective?

What perspective are you trying to share with an audience as a podcaster or as someone who works in the podcast industry?

Perspective, to steal from a favorite movie, is what drives us. It fuels everything we do, from the life habits we have, to the relationships we engage in, to the way we end up sharing our lives (or not) after we’re long gone. The bottom line though is that perspective varies from person to person. Let me explain.

Podcasting is Captured Perspective…

I am a former Certified Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf and for more than a decade, I’ve already had every conversation that everyone here is reading has had – they just weren’t my conversations. From baby birthing, to job interviews, to divorce proceedings, to criminal arrests, to funeral arrangements – I’ve had a taste of them all as an Interpreter. That being able to “jump into someone’s life, interact, learn and jump back out” was incredibly alluring and still is. Podcasting for now an even longer time has allowed me to continue to feed that thirst for knowledge, information and perspective, across a wide variety of people, industries and skill sets. The value that perspective provides all of us is even more distinctive and valuable than your fingerprint. While your fingerprint can identify you outright, your perspectives (indeed, a collection of them, say, online in blog, vlog or podcast form) will continue to educate, entertain, inform and extend your ability to share you and your knowledge long after you’re gone.

That’s Legacy, and it’s something we should all have an interest in leaving when we’re gone.

Over the last 12+ years, I’ve been fortunate enough to start with a single program, be the host across a variety of programs, grow our podcast program library exponentially, build 6 different terrestrial commercial Podcast Recording Studios, create a Voiceover Academy and Staff, a Podcast Editing Academy and Staff and usher in sponsors of all kinds to programs of varying sizes, shapes and skill sets. I can’t WAIT to share many of my own perspectives, those of the professionals I work with and more as I continue offering engaging perspectives about all-things podcasting.

The collection and sharing of experience is what will be the main focus of my writings here across a variety of topics, technologies, processes and more.

What’s YOUR perspective?

What is it that YOU do in life as a professional and how can I learn more from you to grow my database of perspectives? Connect with me via the comments below and help me grow more vital and educational nuggets to share with everyone in the podcasting industry!

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