Spreaker’s All New Revenue Sharing Program

Earlier this year, Spreaker launched their Revenue Sharing program that allowed podcasters to earn money for every listen or impressions. The program is now out of beta, and has become a fully fledged sophisticated ad revenue system.

Ad injection is when you earn money from audio and visual ads getting automatically placed throughout an episode at different intervals. These ads are provided by Spreaker’s trusted partners. Spreaker’s Revenue Sharing program allows ads to be automatically inserted into both downloaded episodes and stitched onto on-demand streaming.

Every time an ad gets an impression, meaning that it was listened to by your audience, you’ll earn a specific amount of money. In Spreaker’s case, you’ll get 65% per Cost per impression or CPM (1,000 impressions), depending on a variety of factors, like who is providing the ad.

You remain in control of the exact conditions of the ad insertion (which you can edit at any time). Spreaker’s new Revenue Sharing System allows you to chose the position of the ad (pre-rolls and/or post-rolls), how many ads to include and how often, and the maximum duration of the ad to be injected.

Spreaker has more details on their blog. A portion of the blog walks podcasters through how to set up Spreaker’s Revenue Sharing Program on one or more of their shows.

Shows must meet the following criteria in order to be accepted into the Revenue Sharing Program:

  • Meeting the necessary legal and quality requirements
  • Be signed up to one of Spreaker’s Pro Plans
  • Recognizing that your hard work is worth it

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