Podomatic Partners with AdvertiseCast

podomatic-and-advertisecastPodomatic helps podcasters to reach an audience with free podcasts, customizable embedded players, and promotional tools. Podomatic has partnered with AdvertiseCast, which makes it easier for advertisers to buy ad spots from podcasters online in one centralized marketplace.

AdvertiseCast is the premiere online advertising marketplace that connects advertisers with podcasters. Their system makes it easy for you to get sponsored, and they take care of everything from finding advertisers, ad buying, payouts, and more.

Here’s how this partnership works. First, “dig deep inside your soul and make a podcast” (says Podomatic). Next, join Podomatic and add your podcast listing to the AdvertiseCast marketplace for free. Choose the ad campaigns that best fit your podcast.

Describe your podcast and select which ad products you are willing to sell. AdvertiseCast splits the revenue between themselves and the podcast. Podcasts keep 80% from every sale. Advertisers can order your ad spots – and podcasters have the right of refusal by approving or disproving the order. AdvertiseCast wants to make sure that advertisers are a good fit for your show. Fulfill the ad order as requested and get paid.

Podomatic PRO Podcasters have the additional functionality of Stats Verification, which provides potential advertisers with additional information to make ad buying decisions easier. With a Podomatic PRO membership, you get the exclusive option to have your stats in AdvertiseCast validated by Podomatic, increasing your chance of connecting and creating campaigns with advertisers.